Eiffel for OS X

As Apple brings us the best personal computer in the Macintosh and the best programming system in Cocoa, Object Tools and Harmonic Systems brings the world the best OO language for them in Eiffel. Eiffel is the language that encapsulates the principles of agile programming and extreme programming. It is the correct middle ground between anarchistic hacking and the overbearing bureaucracy of many methodologies. Eiffel is for those who want results, rather than chaos or bureaucratic process.


New version for Xcode 2.0, 2.1, 2.2:

Old versions for Xcode 1.5 and CodeWarrior 8.3:



The Object Tools Eiffel Lite licence is free, but limits the number of classes that you can build.

A full licence for Object Tools Eiffel and unlimited classes is available for only $US149.


Object Tools Eiffel works with the following configurations:

Eiffel Conformance

This Eiffel release is a full implementation of Eiffel v3 as specified in Eiffel:The Language. It has been well integrated into the CodeWarrior environment.


Please send comments, suggestions, problems directly to:


Other matters, and other versions of Eiffel can be obtained from Object Tools directly.

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